Sunday, October 09, 2005

An alternate therapy for the tongue-tied

You can think of the offending moments as not passed
And those painful words as never escaped.
You may try and explain away the strangest behaviours
Which could starve-heal the wounds.

Try to file your thoughts to a sub-altern cellar
And turn in the keys to your future nightmares
For a quieter disposal.
If anything in you rebels against such dishonour
Retort angrily by trivializing your emotions
(Try usually does the trick)
And shut them for the night behind a bar of silence.

During post-operative care
You should wear the whitest clothes,
Listen to 4'33" for music
Eat the blandest soup for dinner.
And in choosing an appropriate emotion,
You may have anything as long as it is numb.

Will you do me a favour
And having read all this
With cynical wisdom
Think of it as never written?


Zealous Zygote said...

Some part of it, I totally did not understand. But overall, it did make some sense. Better explain the rest to me sometime.

KoPoS said...

Will you read the comments section,
and remember that they never were?


Whoiscb said...

Somehow enakku poems eedhuvum puriave maatengudhu :( machi nee ennalamo sollre da :(

Whoiscb said...

You are tagged. Check my blog.

triple distilled said...

quoting from my recent gibberish..

"Octaves rise and fall...Strains of an equal music...
The ambient slipstream of 4’33”...."

I wonder if it was my subconscious mind or sheer coincidence...